Congratulations to our 42 members who have been distinguished as outstanding in their fields by Best Lawyers 2020

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List G Barristers is proud to congratulate our 42 members who have been distinguished as outstanding in their fields by Best Lawyers 2020. Best Lawyers have been publishing the world's premier guide for the legal profession for the last thirty years. Each year exhaustive peer-reviews are undertaken in which many leading lawyers in Australia evaluate their professional peers. 

This announcement is a testament to the quality of the members of List G Barristers and their reputations as leaders in commercial, employment, intellectual property and public law.

Those recognised and their respective areas of expertise are;


Julian Burnside AO QC - Commercial Law, Human Rights Law, Intellectual Property Law, Litigation

Peter Jopling AM QC - Litigation

Peter Hanks QC - Constitutional Law (Lawyer of the Year), Public Law

Colin Golvan AM QC - Intellectual Property Law, Litigation

Anthony Neal QC - Native Title Law

Ian Waller QC - Litigation

Rachel Doyle SC - Alternative Dispute Resolution, Class Action Litigation, Labour and Employment Law, Litigation

Peter Gray QC - Energy Law, Litigation, Public Law

Martin Scott QC - International Arbitration, Shipping and Maritime Law

Bernard Quinn QC - Litigation

Andrew Maryniak QC - Intellectual Property Law

Rowena Orr QC - Litigation, Public Law (Lawyer of the Year)

Paul O’Grady QC - Labour and Employment Law (Lawyer of the Year)

Christopher Horan QC - Constitutional Law, Immigration Law

Peter Willis SC - Energy Law, Litigation

Gerard Dalton QC - Intellectual Property Law

Michael Whitten QC - Construction and Infrastructure Law

Hamish Austin QC - Insolvency and Reorganisation Law, Litigation

Tom Cordiner QC - Intellectual Property Law, Litigation

Garry Fitzgerald QC - Intellectual Property Law

Suresh Senathirajah QC - Litigation

Tomo Boston QC - Litigation

Junior Counsel

Carrie Rome-Sievers - Insolvency and Reorganisation Law

Benjamin Fitzpatrick - Intellectual Property Law

Richard Harris - Litigation

Marita Foley - Planning and Environment Law

Dean Guidolin - Litigation                                             

Georgina Costello - Immigration Law

Peter Wallis - Litigation

Justin Brereton - Class Action Litigation

Siobhan Ryan - Intellectual Property Law

Stephen Rebikoff - Intellectual Property Law

Nicholas De Young - Alternative Dispute Resolution, Class Action Litigation, Competition Law (Lawyer of the Year), Litigation

Frances Gordon - Litigation

Gabi Crafti - Insurance Law

Eliza Holt - Labour and Employment Law

Rebecca Davern-Nelson - Labour and Employment Law

David Yarrow - Native Title Law

Elizabeth Bennett - Litigation, Public Law

Luke Merrick - Intellectual Property Law

Kane Loxley - Litigation

Natalie Hickey - Alternative Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Law, Litigation

For more information about the expertise and availability of our barristers, please contact CEO Jane King directly on +61 3 9225 8558.

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