Ryan Siobhan

Siobhan Ryan SC

Bar roll 2006 Silk 2021
  • Commercial Law Intellectual Property
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Siobhan Ryan SC is an experienced intellectual property lawyer, specialising in trade marks and copyright

Siobhan Ryan SC also advises and appears in trade practices, passing off and designs matters. She practises in all Federal and State Courts.

Siobhan is a registered trade mark attorney and regularly appears before the Registrar of Trade Marks in oppositions and registrability cases.

Siobhan has been consistently recognised in the Intellectual Property category in Best Lawyers, Doyles Guide and the World Trademark Review’s, Leading Trade Mark Professionals.

Siobhan is a nationally accredited mediator (NMAS) and the President of the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Disciplinary Tribunal.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation


Chambers & Clerk

Owen Dixon Chambers West
Level 24 Room 17

525 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

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Jane King

03 9225 8558


Intellectual Property
  • Appellate
  • Confidential Information
  • Copyright & Designs
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Trade Marks
Commercial Law
  • Appellate
  • Consumer Law



Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)



Entitled to practise in

State and Territory Courts and Tribunals

Federal Court of Australia

High Court of Australia

Recent Cases

Commercial Law and Intellectual Property

Rodney Jane Racing Pty Ltd v Monster Energy Company (2019) 370 ALR 140; (2019) 142 IPR 275; [2019] FCA 923 - An appeal from the Registrar of Trade Marks re trade mark MONSTER (led by Bruce Caine QC).

Dempsey Group Pty Ltd v Spotlight Pty Ltd (2018) 138 IPR 190; [2018] FCA 2016 – copyright infringement (fabric designs); obtained declaratory relief, damages and costs (unled).

Advices to the Australian Tax Office on intellectual property related aspects of tax, especially goodwill: [2018] (unled).

Pham Global Pty Ltd v Insight Clinical Imaging Pty Ltd (2017) 251 FCR 379; [2017] FCAFC 83 - An appeal (with leave application), from an appeal from the Registrar of Trade Marks re trade mark INSIGHT and a trade mark infringement claim, with a revocation application by Cross-claim. Insight Clinical Imaging, succeeded on all issues (led by Edward Heerey QC).

Insight Clinical Imaging Pty Ltd v Insight Radiology Pty Ltd (2016) 122 IPR 232; [2016] FCA 1406 - An appeal from the Registrar of Trade Marks re trade mark INSIGHT with an infringement claim, and a revocation application by Cross-claim. Insight Clinical Imaging succeeded on all issues (unled).

Collins House Pty Ltd v Golden Age Sunrise Development Pty Ltd (2015) 114 IPR 1; [2015] FCA 724 – an interlocutory injunction concerning trade mark COLLINS HOUSE (unled).

Paul's Retail Pty Ltd v Lonsdale Australia Ltd (2012) 294 ALR 72; [2012] FCAFC 130 and [2012] FCA 724, with R Cobden SC and JS Cooke; Lonsdale Australia Ltd v Paul's Retail Pty Ltd (led by G Clarke SC) - Trade Mark infringement - scope of parallel importation defence - interlocutory injunction - expedited trial and appeal.

Delta Metallics Pty Ltd v King [2012] FCA 1119 and [2012] FCA 1328 - Counsel for Delta Metallics in trade mark infringement ("WHITE COLLAR BOXING"), s 52 TPA, s 18 ACL, passing off and contempt. Injunctions and account of profits ordered. Contempt found with indemnity costs ordered (unled).

UCP Gen Pharma AG v Mesoblast Inc (2012) 95 IPR 562;[2012] FCA 210 and [2012] 500 - Counsel for UCP Gen Pharma. Successfully opposed trade mark removal application on appeal from the Trade Marks Office. Successsfully resisted leave to appeal application in Mesoblast Inc v UCP Gen Pharma AG [2012] FCA 509, (led by S Burley SC).

Spotless Services Australia Ltd v Qantas Airways Ltd (Fed Crt) VID 1183/2011 - Alleged trade mark infringement with revocation cross-claims (led by R Cobden SC).

Caiazzo & Anor v Pearson Australia Group (VSC) No 01803 SCI of 2011 - Alleged beach of a publishing contract, misleading and deceptive conduct and infringement of moral rights (unled).

QS Holdings Sarl v Paul's Retail Pty Ltd (2011) 92 IPR 460; [2011] FCA 853 QS Holdings Sarl v Paul's Retail Pty Ltd (No 2) [2011] FCA 1038 - Trade mark and copyright infringement - parallel importation defences (unled).

British American Tobacco Exports BV v Trojan Trading Company Pty Ltd (2010) 90 IPR 392; [2010] VSC 572 - Trade Marks Act criminal offences s 145 and s 148 with B Greene.

Radburg v Chiropedic Bedding Pty Ltd [2008] HCA Trans 412; Chiropedic Bedding Pty Ltd v Radburg Pty Ltd [2008] FCAFC 142; Chiropedic Bedding Pty Ltd v Radburg Pty Ltd [2007] FCA 1869 and [2009] FCA 1163, (led by G McGowan SC) - Successful design infringement prosecution and revocation resisted, at trial and on appeal.



Victorian Bar - Art and Collections Committee

Institute of Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys (IPTA)

Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand (IPSANZ)