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Tom Cordiner QC

Bar roll 2003 Silk 2016
  • Commercial Law Intellectual Property
  • Public Law
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Tom Cordiner QC practises primarily in intellectual property law, trade practices law and administrative law as it affects intellectual property cases

Tom is a registered Australian Patent Attorney and Trade Marks Attorney. He is currently ranked by respected peer review publication Doyle's Guide Victoria and Doyle’s Guide Australia for intellectual property. 

Tom has conducted numerous appeals, trials and interlocutory disputes in the Federal Court, predominantly in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. He also regularly appears in the Patents Office and Trade Marks Office.  

Prior to joining the Bar, Tom was a solicitor with Ashurst (then Blake Dawson Waldron). He became a patent attorney and trade marks attorney while with the firm. He holds tertiary qualifications in science and law and obtained his honours degree in molecular genetics with a project funded by Florigene Ltd and Melbourne University.

Tom contributes quarterly to the specialist law journal, IP Forum and has taught post graduate intellectual property at Monash University and Melbourne University. He has also been invited to speak at various patent attorney and lawyer conferences/continuing legal education courses.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation


Chambers & Clerk

Castan Chambers
Level 13 Room 17

460 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

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03 9225 8558


Commercial Law
  • Competition
  • Consumer Law
  • Contractual Disputes
Intellectual Property
  • Appellate
  • Confidential Information
  • Copyright & Designs
  • Information Technology
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Patents
  • Privacy & Data Protection
  • Telecommunications
  • Trade Marks
Public Law
  • Administrative Law



Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Bachelor of Laws (Hons)

Patent Attorney & Trade Marks Attorney



Entitled to practise in

State and Territory Courts and Tribunals

Federal Court of Australia

High Court of Australia

Recent Cases


Streetworx v Artcraft Urban Group – infringement and revocation – street lighting – Federal Court

Blue Gentian LLC v Product Development Group – infringement and revocation – expandable hose (X-Hose v Pocket Hose) – Federal Court

Pacific Enterprises (Aust) Pty Ltd v ASSA ABLOY Australia Pty Limited – opposition to validity – window winders – Patent Office

Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation v Ono Pharmaceutical – infringement and revocation – Keytruda – antibodies to PD-1 in treatment of cancer – Federal Court

GlaxoSmith Kline v Generic Partners – infringement and revocation (interlocutory injunction) – sustained release paracetamol – Federal Court

Les Laboratoires Servier v Apotex and Generic Partners – infringement and revocation – gliclazide – Federal Court

Merial Limited v Bayer New Zealand Limited – appeal from opposition – equine drug – Federal Court

Apotex Pty Limited v Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals – revocation and infringement – Viagra – Federal Court

D’Arcy v Myriad Genetics Inc – patentability of gene sequences – High Court (amicus)

Meat & Livestock Australia Limited and Dairy Australia v Cargill Inc and Branhaven LLC – opposition to grant – use of single nucleotide polymorphisms for inferring bovine traits – Patent Office

DSM Nutritional Products v Suntory Holdings Limited – appeal from opposition – methods for producing unsaturated fatty acid-containing oils – Federal Court

Suntory Holdings Limited v Commissioner of Patents – amendment to patent – judicial review of decision of Commissioner – Federal Court

Spirit Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd v Mundipharma Pty Ltd – extension of term – oxycodone – Federal Court

Ronneby Road Pty Ltd v ESCO Corporation – appeal from opposition – wear assemblies for excavating equipment – Federal Court

Innovia Pty Ltd v De La Rue International Limited – opposition to validity – optical security devices – Patent Office

Formula One Pty Ltd v Omniform Pty Ltd – infringement and revocation – safety screen lifting system – Federal Court

Brooke & McKenzie Pty Ltd v Elgra Pty Ltd – infringement and validity – post drivers – Federal Court

Sealed Air Corporation v Kureha Corporation – opposition to grant – heat shrinkable multilayer film for food wrapping – Patent Office

Bayer Pharma AG v Genentech Inc – infringement and revocation – service outside Australia including claims for overseas conduct – Method for treating intraocular neovascular diseases – Federal Court

Novartis AG v Hospira Pty Ltd – infringement and revocation (interlocutory injunction) – Zoledronic acid - methods of treatment – Federal Court

Securency International Pty Ltd v De La Rue International Limited – opposition – optical security devices for documents – Patent Office

Alpinestars SPA v Xceed Holdings Pty Ltd – opposition – safety neck device – Patent Office

CSL Limited and Monash University v Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd - infringement and revocation - pharmaceutical – Federal Court

CSL Limited and Monash University v Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd – discovery of documents relevant to application to amend patent – Federal Court

CSL Limited and Monash University v Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd – discretion to amend patent – Federal Court

CSL Limited and Monash University v Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd – application to use documents in overseas proceeding - Federal Court

Hospira Australia Pty Ltd v Aventis Pharma – infringement/revocation – taxotere – interlocutory application - Federal Court 

F&T Spagnolo Pty Ltd v Trevor Ledgard Pty Ltd & Ors – infringement - mechanical agriculture – Federal Court

Meda Pharma Gmbh v Sosei R&D Ltd – opposition – pharmaceutical – Patent Office

Motocaddy Limited v Protégé Sports Pty Ltd – infringement/ownership – mechanical sports - Federal Court

KerryJ Investment Pty Ltd v Xiamen Fengwei Energy Technology Co. Ltd – infringement and revocation – mechanical solar – Federal Court

Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd v Hales – infringement and revocation – mechanical plumbing – Federal Court

BLH Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd v Pro 3 Products Pty Ltd – unjustified threats/infringement – mechanical mining – Federal Court

University of Western Australia v Gray - invention ownership case - Special leave to the High Court

B. Braun Melsungen AG v Terumo Corporation - infringement/revocation - mechanical medical  – Federal Court

Mycogen Plant Science Inc v Monsanto Australia Pty Ltd - infringement/revocation - genetics - Federal Court

Biotal ltd v. Grevillia Technologies Pty Ltd - infringement/ revocation - micro-organism - Federal Court

Stacey Brothers Plumbing Pty Ltd v Waterco Ltd - infringement - mechanical plumbing – Federal Court

Anaid Nominees Pty Ltd v G&G Mining Fabrication Pty Ltd - infringement - mechanical mining - Federal Court

Conor Medsystems v University of British Columbia & Anor – infringement/revocation – mechanical medical – Federal Court

Plant Breeders Rights

Bushland Pty Ltd v Majestic Selections Pty Ltd – infringement – Federal Court

Graham's Factree Pty Ltd v Oak Enterprises Pty Ltd – infringement – Federal Court

Seedco Ltd v Downes - ownership – Federal Court

Fleming's Nurseries Pty Ltd v. Siciliano - infringement - Federal Court

Copyright / Trade Marks / /Designs / Trade Practices

Verrocchi v Direct Chemist Outlet Pty Ltd – trade practices – Federal Court

Trusted Cloud Pty Ltd v Core Desktop Pty Ltd – confidential information, copyright and trade practices – Federal Court

Insight Radiology v Insight Clinical Imaging Pty Ltd – trade marks infringement and revocation – Federal Court

Seafolly Pty Limited v Fewstone Pty Ltd – copyright in swimwear artwork – Federal Court

Australia Post Corporation v Digital Post Australia – trade mark infringement – Federal Court

Telstra Corporation v Phone Book Directories Pty Ltd – trade mark and copyright infringement – Federal Court

Phone Directories Company Pty Ltd v Telstra Corporation – trade mark opposition – Federal Court

Attachmate Inc v The Commonwealth of Australia – infringement - s.183  – Federal Court/Copyright Tribunal

CUB Pty Ltd v Elixir Signature Pty Ltd – 54 non-use applications and 9 oppositions to registration – heritage beer marks – Trade Mark Office

Facton Ltd (G-Star) v Toast Sales – trade mark and copyright infringement– Federal Court

Facton Ltd (G-Star) v Mish Mash Clothing Pty Ltd – trade mark and copyright infringement – Federal Court

Red Bull GmbH v U.B. Natural Pty Ltd – trade mark infringement – Federal Court

Fiorina Jewellery Pty Ltd v American Gemstone Pty Ltd – copyright infringement – jewellery – Federal Court

Sports Warehouse Inc v Fry Consulting Pty Ltd - trade mark - appeals from opposition "Tennis Warehouse" - Federal Court

Fry Consulting v Sports Warehouse- trade mark - appeals from opposition "Tennis Warehouse Australia" - Federal Court

Warner-Lambert Company v Cardinal Health Inc. - privilege in communications with expert – Patent Office

Deckers Corporation Inc v Farley - trade mark/copyright infringement, passing off - Ugg Boots Australia

Felix v The Commonwealth of Australia (ADF) and Spotless P&F Pty Ltd - defamation - Supreme Court

Axe Australasia Pty Ltd v Australume Pty Ltd - designs infringement - lights - Federal Court

Valpro Pty ltd v Haigh Australia Pty Ltd - trade mark infringement - misleading and deceptive conduct - Federal Court

Trade Practices cases (market cases)

Auskay International Manufacturing & Trade Pty Ltd v Qantas Airways Ltd & Ors - class action anti-cartel - air cargo - trade practices

Fleming's Nurseries Pty Ltd v Siciliano  - trade practices, third line forcing - Federal Court

Commercial and Other:

Boost Digital Pty Ltd v Centrebet Pty Ltd – breach of contract – Federal Court

Blackmagic Pty Ltd v Overliese & Ors - misuse of confidential information - Full Federal Court 

Visy Packaging Pty Ltd v Siegwerk Australia Pty Ltd – product liability for failed cans – Federal Court

United Petroleum Pty Ltd and Independent Fuels Pty Ltd v Pre-Logic Pty Ltd; D and P Fuels Pty Ltd and Rodney Booth - misuse of confidential information - Supreme Court

FH Faulding Co Ltd v Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd - contract - Supreme Court

Rothfield v Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners Association Inc - association - Supreme Court

P&V Industries Pty Ltd v la Trobe Capital Finance Ltd - managed investment schemes - Federal Court

P&V Industries Pty Ltd v Secombs (a firm) - professional negligence - Supreme Court

P&V Industries Pty Ltd v Porto & Ors - breach of fiduciary duties by director - Supreme Court

Wytell Pty Ltd v Glowinski - commercial tenancy - VCAT

Walsh & Anor v Cannon & Ors (Legal practice) - wills and probate - trade practices - VCAT

Novawest Contracting Pty Ltd v Indevelco Pty Ltd - County Court - building contract; Supreme Court - insolvency - examination

Administrative Law cases

Cathay Pacific v The Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs & Auskay International Manufacturing & Trade Pty Ltd - s.5 of TPA permission - Federal Court 

Raptis Fishing Licence Pty Ltd v Australian Fisheries Management Authority - fishing permits - Statutory Fishing Rights Allocation Review Panel

Bahonko v Nurses Board of Victoria - discrimination - Federal Court

Numerous migration law cases.  Migration - Federal Court


Commercial Bar Association, IP and Trade Practices Section, Assistant Secretary

Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand (IPSANZ)

Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys (IPTA)