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Adam Rollnik

Bar roll 2010 Admitted 2001
  • Commercial Law Employment & Industrial
  • Tort Law
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Adam Rollnik practises in commercial law

Adam Rollnik has a general commercial litigation and arbitration practice.  

Adam is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and has particular expertise in contractual disputes, commercial arbitration (international and domestic), building and construction (including security of payment), owners corporations, commercial leasing, franchising, contract of employment, and insurance.  

Adam is a former lecturer at Monash University and has taught advocacy at the Leo Cussen Centre for Law.  

Prior to coming to the Bar, Adam was a Senior Associate at King & Wood Mallesons and worked for Ashurst in Melbourne and London.

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525 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

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Commercial Law
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  • Building & Construction
  • Commercial Arbitration
  • Consumer Law
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Energy & Resources
  • Residential & Retail Tenancies
Employment & Industrial
  • Employment Contracts
Tort Law
  • Negligence
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Negligence



Master of Laws

Bachelor of Laws (Hons)

Bachelor of Applied Science



Western Australia

Entitled to practise in

State and Territory Courts and Tribunals

Federal Court of Australia

High Court of Australia

Recent Cases

Supreme Court - Court of Appeal

Commercial Building: Grocon Constructors (Victoria) Pty Ltd v APN DF2 Project 2 Pty Ltd [2015] VSCA 190 – dispute about the interpretation of a commercial building contract. Led by Jeff Gleeson QC and instructed by Arnold Bloch Leibler.

Security of Payment: Saville v Hallmarc Construction Pty Ltd [2015] VCSA 318 – whether payment claim made under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002  was made within time. Led by Mark Robins QC and instructed by Kliger Partners.

Supreme Court

Contract: Dana Spicer (Thailand) Ltd v GA & L Harrington Pty Ltd – breach of contract - defective motor vehicle parts which led to national vehicle recall. Ongoing – instructed by HWL Ebsworth.

Property: Stellini v Dai – acting for property owner in dispute about alleged constructive trust.  Ongoing – instructed by HWL Ebsworth. 

Commercial Leasing: Camperdown Dairy International Pty Ltd v The Camperdown Cheese Company Ltd [2016] VSC 693 – commercial lease – construction of lease.  Led by David Collins QC and instructed by HWL Ebsworth.

Major Projects: Melbourne Water Corporation v Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd – alleged defects at the Eastern Treatment Plant. Led by Jeff Gleeson QC and instructed by Gilchrist Connell.  Matter settled prior to trial. 

Insurance: Bupa Australia Pty Ltd v Shaw – contract of insurance and insurer’s refusal to pay out on policy. Instructed by Arnold Bloch Leibler. 

Statutory Demand: United Petroleum Pty Ltd v McGrathNicol Advisory [2017] VSC 239 – application to set aside a statutory demand. Instructed by Sewell & Kettle. 

Commercial Building: Roman Catholic Trusts Corporation v Knox City Council – multi-party construction dispute. Instructed by Minter Ellison.  Matter settled prior to trial. 

Corporations and Securities: Groves v Austock Securities Limited – alleged failure by broker to sell shares when instructed by shareholder. Led by Philip Crutchfield and instructed by Arnold Bloch Leibler. Matter settled prior to trial. 

Legal Professional Privilege: Acted for property investment company in connection with a dispute about legal professional privilege and waiver of privilege. 

Winding up application: Acted for directors of a company in opposition to a liquidator’s insolvent trading claim under s 588G of the Corporations Act. 

Breach of contract: JRC Enterprises Pty Ltd v Zoomlion Australia-New Zealand Pty Ltd – liability for supply of crane. Instructed by Norton Gledhill. 

​Federal Court

Franchising: Boccabella & Smith Pty Ltd v Swim Loops Pty Ltd – termination of franchise agreement. Ongoing matter, instructed by in-house counsel for Swim Loops Pty Ltd.

Services Contract: Architecture HQ Pty Ltd v Propertylinc Pty Ltd – contract for services. Led by Ed Heerey QC and Instructed by CLP Lawyers.  Matter settled prior to trial.

Corporations and Securities: Holmes v Quinte Holdings Pty Ltd – opposition to a winding up application. Instructed by Atanaskovic Hartnell.

County Court

Contract: Murray v Wylie – dispute about the interpretation of terms of an agreement, and termination of agreement. Ongoing matter, instructed by Minter Ellison.

Security of Payment: Hercules Car Parking Systems (Victoria) Pty Ltd v MAV Group Commercial Pty Ltd – application for judgment under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (Vic). Instructed by Frenkel Partners.

Security of payment: Valeo Construction Pty Ltd v 232 Bay Street Pty Ltd – application for judgement under the Security of Payment Act 2002 (Vic). Instructed by Arnold Bloch Leibler.

Trademarks and misleading or deceptive conduct: The Barry Plant Group Pty Ltd v FP and KH Enterprises Pty Ltd – unauthorised use of trademarks and misleading or deceptive conduct – application for injunction. Instructed by M&K Lawyers Group Pty Ltd.

Trademarks: Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd v Automotive Retail Group Pty Ltd – ongoing dispute about use of a trade mark. Led by Gerard Meehan and Instructed by Rothwell Lawyers.

Misleading conduct: Acted for a financial services firm defending an allegation of misleading or deceptive conduct.

Franchising: United Petroleum Franchise Pty ltd v Gold Fuels Pty Ltd [2016] VCC 292 – dispute between franchisee and franchisor in relation to the termination of a franchise agreement and claim for damages for breach of contract. Instructed by HWL Ebsworth.

Franchising: Hungry Jack’s Australia Pty Ltd v TLC Company Pty Ltd – termination of franchise agreement. Instructed by HWL Ebsworth. Matter settled part-way through the trial.

Franchising: Wendy’s Supa Sundaes Pty Ltd v Lin & Hu Investment Pty Ltd – franchise dispute. Instructed by Portfolio Law Pty Ltd.

Adverse possession: Lew v Brough - Acting for landowner in claim for adverse possession of land. Instructed by SBA Law.

Wills and estates: acted for children claiming maintenance under the Administration and Probate Act (Vic).

Commercial Arbitration

Domestic Arbitration: Acting for the head contractor in a dispute about the construction of a gas pipeline in Queensland. Led by Jeff Gleeson QC and instructed by Norton Rose Fulbright.

International arbitration: Acted for an oil company in an international arbitration concerning the alleged repudiation of a charter party contract.  Led by John Digby QC (prior to his Honour’s appointment to the Supreme Court) and instructed by King & Wood Mallesons.

Domestic arbitration: Acted for telecommunications and utility provider in dispute with a supplier of telecommunications goods and services. Led by John Digby QC (prior to his Honour’s appointment to the Supreme Court) and instructed by Norton Gledhill.

Federal Magistrates Court

Employment law: The Director of the Fair Building Industry Inspectorate v Linkhill Pty Ltd (No.3) [2013] FMCA 165 (12 Mar 2013), (led by Simone Bingham) – dispute about whether workers were independent contractors or employees.

Bankruptcy: Acted for a bankrupt in the Federal Magistrates’ Court re: the validity of a sequestration order.

​Magistrates Court

Employment law: Hall v Manark Printing Pty Ltd (10 December 2013) – claim for unpaid commissions against former employer and claim of misappropriation of intellectual property.  Instructed by Rigby Cooke.

Corporations and Securities: Unfair preference claim brought by a liquidator. Instructed by Sewel & Kettle.


Owners Corporations: Owners Corporation No. 4 (PS539033E) v Bensons – ongoing dispute about the efficacy of a services agreement entered into by the developer with a facilities management company.  Instructed by Arnold Bloch Leibler.

Owners Corporations: TM Facilities Management Pty Ltd v Owners Corporation No.1 PS646634D – termination of building management agreement by owners corporation and claim for damages for breach of contract. Ongoing matter instructed by Purpose Law.

Owners Corporations: O’Donnell v Owners Corporation PS443848P – dispute about an owners corporations’ obligations under the Owners Corporations Act 2006 (Vic). Instructed by Wotton + Kearney.

Owners Corporations: - Lawandi v Owners Corporation 21842D [2015] VCAT 1810 – power of Owners Corporations to make rules under the Owners Corporation Act 2006.  Instructed by Norton Gledhill.

Domestic Building: Zaitsev v Urbanworks Group Pty Ltd – domestic building dispute involving 10 parties and claims in excess of $4M. Acting for insured party and instructed by Gilchrist Connell.

Domestic building: Cajkusic v Armak Constructions Pty Ltd – domestic building dispute. Instructed by Hassall’s Litigation Services.

Domestic building: Doyle v R & P Trevorrow Pty Ltd [2014] VCAT 1036 – failure to comply  with settlement agreement.

Domestic building: Owners Corporation Plan 518857 v Lynchpin Constructions Pty Ltd – alleged defects in residential apartments.

Construction:  Owners Corporation 1 PS537642N v Hickory Group Pty Ltd – building defects at holiday resort ($7M claim). Led by Craig Harrison QC and instructed by Piper Alderman.

Commercial Leasing: The Gallery Bar & Grill Pty Ltd v Freilich Nepean Pty Ltd [2017] VCAT 720 – dispute about the terms of a commercial lease. Instructed by Frenkel Partners.

Professional costs: Carmelli v Marando [2012] VCAT 1900 – claim by solicitor for payment of professional fees.

Retail Tenancy: Versus (Aus) Pty Ltd v A.N.H Nominees Pty Ltd [2011] VCAT 2273 – late payment of rent and defects. Instructed by HWL Ebsworth.

Jurisdiction: Sansome v Urban Renewal Authority of Victoria – whether VCAT had jurisdiction to hear a dispute about access to telecommunications infrastructure. Instructed by K&L Gates.

Adjudication (Security of Payment Act)

Acted for a supplier of scaffolding in dispute with a builder. Adjudication under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (Vic). Instructed by SBA Law.


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