Carrie Rome-Sievers Launches New Online Insolvency Law Resource

Commercial Law
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Carrie Rome-Sievers has launched a new online resource in which she discusses recent developments in insolvency law. The website is intended as a tool to assist legal practitioners, insolvency professionals and their staff to keep up to date with recent cases and developments in insolvency and commercial law.

The website will particularly focus on recent Victorian Supreme Court, Federal Court, High Court and some New South Wales Supreme Court decisions, providing summaries of those decisions as well as critical analysis. Carrie will also  provide a “stocktake” of the current state of the law in relation to particular topical issues. Topics which currently feature on the site are:

 - Fraud, money and banks;

 - Insolvency;

 - Litigation;

 - Oppression; and

 - the newly emerging Personal Property Securities Law.

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Carrie Rome-Sievers Headshot

Carrie is a commercial law barrister practising with a focus on insolvency and corporations law, equity and trusts, fraud, contract and restitution.

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