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The Hon Peter Heerey AM QC

Bar roll 1967 Silk 1985
  • Commercial Law Intellectual Property
  • Tort Law Public Law
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The Hon Peter Heerey AM QC is a former Judge of the Federal Court of Australia

The Hon Peter Heerey AM QC graduated with degrees in Law (First Class Honours) and Arts from the University of Tasmania.

After four years as a solicitor he commenced practice at the Victorian Bar in 1967. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1985 and a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia in 1990. He served on the Court until retirement in 2009.  On the Court his work at both trial and appellate level involved commercial law (intellectual property, competition law, corporate and contractual disputes) and public law (judicial review of administrative decisions, taxation etc).

While on the Court he also served as President of the Defence Force Discipline Appeal Tribunal, a panel of Federal Court and State and Territory Supreme Court Judges which hears appeals from Courts Martial and Defence Force Magistrates and asDeputy President of the Australian Competition Tribunal. 

Since retirement from the Court he has returned to the Victorian Bar practising in advice, arbitration and mediation.

In 2015 Mr Heerey was appointed by the Federal Minister for Employment to enquire into and report whether there was a reasonable basis for both Houses of Parliament to consider requesting the Governor-General to remove a Vice-President of the Fair Work Commission on the grounds of proved misbehaviour and incapacity. After provision of Mr Heerey’s report to the Minister, the Vice-President resigned.

Also since retirement Mr Heerey has served a term as Chair of the Australian Electoral Commission, the body responsible for the conduct of Federal elections in Australia.  Mr Heerey chairs the Advisory Board for the Graduate Program in Intellectual Property at the University of Melbourne and is a member of the Advisory Board for the Competition Law Program at the University. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tasmania.

He has published papers in Australian and Overseas professional and academic journals in the areas of corporations law, defamation, expert evidence, intellectual property, law and literature and Federation history and a collection Excursions in the Law (Federation Press, 2014) and an autobiography Can You See the Mountain? (Hybrid Publishers, 2017).

In 2012 Mr Heerey was appointed a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AM).

He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under the Professional Standards Legislation

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Commercial Law
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  • Consumer Law
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  • Corporate Insolvency
  • Corporations & Securities
  • Insurance
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Public Law
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Bachelor of Arts 

Bachelor of Laws (Hons) (Tas)



Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales 


Western Australia


Entitled to practise in

State and Territory Courts and Tribunals

Federal Court of Australia

High Court of Australia 



Recent Cases

Notable Cases

Alstergren v Owners of the ''Territory Pearl' (1992) 112 ALR 133, maritime collision

Service Station Association Ltd v Trade Practices Commission (1992) 109 ALR 465, affirmed by Full Court (1993) 116 ALR 643, price fixing

Henderson v Amadio Pty Ltd (1995) 140 ALR 391, affirmed by Full Court (1998) 81 FCR 149, failed property investment scheme, misrepresentation, prospectus breach, solicitors' and valuers' negligence, professional indemnity insurance, 5 month trial, 8 defendants, 20 counsel

Melway Publishing Pty Ltd v Robert Hicks (1999) 90 FCR 128, dissent affirmed by High Court (2001) 205 CLR 1, abuse of market power

Transport Tyre Sales Pty Ltd v Montana Rims & Tyres Pty Ltd (1999) 93 FCR 421, trade marks

Boral Besser Masonry Pty Ltd v ACCC (1999) 166 ALR 410, affirmed by High Court (2003) 215 CLR 374 abuse of market power

News Ltd v South Sydney Rugby League Club Ltd (2000) 111 FCR 456, dissent affirmed by High Court (2003) 215 CLR 563, exclusionary provisions

Roncevich v Repatriation Commission (2003) 37 AAR 97, dissent affirmed by High Court (2005) 222 CLR 115 Veterans’ entitlements

AMP Financial Planning v CGU Insurance (2004) 139 FCR 223, affirmed by the High Court (2007) 235 CLR 1, insurance, good faith, estoppel

Apco Service Stations Pty Ltd v ACCC (2005) ATPR 42-078, price fixing

Eli Lilly & Co v Pfizer Overseas Pharmaceutical (2005) 218 ALR 408, affirmed by Full Court 920050 225 ALR 416, the Viagra patent

APF Pty Ltd v Kestrel Holdings Pty Ltd (2007) 260 ALR 418, affirmed by Full Court [2009] FCAFC 144, sale of land, misrepresentation, valuers' negligence

ACCC v Visy Industries Holdings Pty Ltd (No 3) (2007) 244 ALR 673, price fixing, penalty


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Victorian Bar - Commercial Bar Association

Australian Academy of Law

Australian Association of Constitutional Law

Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand

Judicial Conference of Australia