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Min Guo

Bar roll 2015 Admitted 2008
  • Commercial Law Tort Law
  • Public Law
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Min Guo is a commercial and public law barrister

Min is a commercial and public law barrister.  He practises broadly across these areas, but has special interests in the commercial areas of class actions and trade practices, and in the public law areas of immigration, freedom of information and discrimination.

He also appears for defendants in criminal matters.

Min is presently briefed in a number of commercial law class actions in various state Supreme Courts and the Federal Court. He is also regularly briefed in immigration and citizenship matters for the applicant in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Federal Circuit Court and Federal Court, and is a registered migration agent.  His immigration practice also includes tort proceedings arising from the mistreatment of people in immigration detention.

Immediately prior to coming to the Bar, Min was a Senior Associate at Maurice Blackburn, where he practised in securities, trade practices and tort class actions.  In amongst other matters, Min acted for:

- the plaintiff, group members and insurers in the landmark Kilmore East—Kinglake Black Saturday bushfire class action, which settled for close to $500m (Matthews v AusNet Electricity Services Pty Ltd [2014] VSC 663);

- businesses in the Amcor/Visy corrugated fibreboard packaging cartel class action (Jarra Creek Central Packing Shed Pty Ltd v Amcor Ltd [2011] FCA 671);

- institutional and individual investors in class actions alleging misleading and deceptive conduct, including Pathway Investments Pty Ltd v National Australia Bank Ltd (No 3) [2012] VSC 625 and Money Max Int Pty Ltd v QBE Insurance Group Ltd [2018] FCA 1030.

Min also brings distinctive experience to the Bar, having previously worked as a management consultant advising executives of ASX 200 companies, industry groups and governments on financial, strategy and public policy matters.  He also worked as a freelance IT consultant.  Because of this and his engineering qualifications, he has a particular interest in litigation involving financial, quantitative and scientific issues.

For more information, visit Min's website guo.com.au.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation


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Castan Chambers
Level 13 Room 21

460 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

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03 9225 8558


Commercial Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Class Actions
  • Competition
  • Consumer Credit
  • Consumer Law
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Corporate Insolvency
  • Corporations & Securities
  • Equity & Trusts
  • Insurance
Tort Law
  • Class Actions
  • Commissions & Inquiries
  • Common Law
  • Major Torts
  • Negligence
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Negligence
Public Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Civil & Human Rights
  • Commissions & Inquiries
  • Discrimination
  • Freedom of Information
  • Immigration
  • Judicial Review
  • Privacy
  • White Collar Crime



Bachelor of Laws (Hons)(Adel)

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)(Adel)


New South Wales

Entitled to practise in

State and Territory Courts and Tribunals

Federal Court of Australia

High Court of Australia



Recent Cases

BCX16 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2019] FCA 465 - Administrative law - refugee law - whether circumstance of person’s residency in one area of a country is a circumstance that may cause a person to personally face a risk of significant harm; unled

CNY17 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2019] HCATrans 101 - Administrative law - Immigration Assessment Authority - apprehended bias - content of bias rule where hearing rule abrogated - bias by subconscious effect of prejudicial information - whether threshold for prejudice; led by L De Ferrari SC

EEM17 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2018] FCAFC 180 - Migration - Immigration Assessment Authority - failure to recognise document was 'new information' - failure to consider 'exceptional circumstances' - whether 'new information' limited to information sought by Authority; unled

Shrestha v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2018] HCA 35 - Administrative law - jurisdictional error - whether error in construction could not have made a difference a jurisdictional error; led by G Costello

EUB18 v Minister for Home Affairs [2018] FCA 1432 - Injunction - balance of convenience - continuing commission of tort - foreign actors and sovereign risk; led by E Bennett

G v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2018] FCA 1229 - Administrative law - citizenship - invalidity of policy - decision-maker's error in construction of policy

BVC15 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2017] FCAFC 223 - Migration - failure of Secretary to provide relevant documents to Tribunal - failure to consider claim - denial of procedural fairness - Migration Act, s 418(3); led by L De Ferrari

Shrestha v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2017] HCATrans 179 - Administrative law - discretion to refuse relief where jurisdictional error found - grant of special leave on the papers; led by G Costello

A.S. v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (Ruling No.10) [2017] VSC 476 - Practice and procedure - appropriateness of confidentiality orders over court file

A.S. v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2016] 312 FLR 67 - Statutory interpretation - 'affirms as a principle' - detention of minors as a last resort - Migration Act, s 4AA; led by P Hanks QC, with M Albert

Laine v Thiess Pty Ltd [2016] VSC 689 - Representative proceedings - test for leave to discontinue

Jackson v GP & JM Bruty Pty Ltd (Ruling No 1) [2016] VSC 717 - Practice and procedure - representative proceeding - amendment of statement of claim


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