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Brendan J Avallone

Bar roll 2015 Admitted 2001
  • Commercial Law Employment & Industrial
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Brendan Avallone practises in all areas of employment and industrial relations law.

He signed the Bar Roll on 22 October 2015, was admitted as a lawyer on 2 April 2001, and has appeared in a number of significant cases in the Federal Court of Australia, other Courts, and the Fair Work Commission.

Brendan acts and advises in matters including industrial action, enterprise bargaining, industrial disputes, contractual disputes, executive employment, disciplinary and performance matters, general protections claims, unfair dismissal applications, underpayment claims and employment discrimination claims.

Brendan's practice has been ranked in peer review journals including:

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Chambers & Clerk

Aickin Chambers
Level 21 Room 14

200 Queen Street 
Melbourne VIC 3000 

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Jane King

03 9225 8558


Employment & Industrial
  • Appellate
  • Employment Contracts
  • Industrial Disputes
  • Public Sector Appeals
  • Restraint of Trade
  • Statutory Employment Rights
  • Discrimination
Commercial Law
  • Contractual Disputes
Public Law
  • Discrimination



Master of Laws

Bachelor of Laws (Hons)

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)



Entitled to practise in

State and Territory Courts and Tribunals

Federal Court of Australia

High Court of Australia

Recent Cases

Selected cases since joining the Victorian Bar