Geoffrey Kennett Portrait

Geoffrey Kennett SC

Bar roll 1998 Silk 2010
  • Commercial Law Public Law
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Geoffrey Kennett QC practises primarily in public law and commercial law

Geoffrey's main areas of expertise are review of administrative decisions (mainly judicial review proceedings in the federal courts, but sometimes also merits review in administrative tribunals); construction and application of particular statutory regimes; and constitutional law. In these areas Geoffrey frequently appears for, and sometimes against, Commonwealth and State departments and agencies. 

Particular subject areas include migration, taxation, Customs, quarantine, passports, electoral matters, environmental law and native title.  Geoffrey appears regularly in the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia, the High Court of Australia and State appellate courts. He also undertakes general commercial/equity work.


Chambers & Clerk

Owen Dixon Chambers West

525 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

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Jane King

03 9225 8558


Commercial Law
  • Competition
  • Consumer Law
  • Taxation
Public Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Appellate
  • Constitutional Law
  • Customs Law
  • Extradition Law
  • Environment
  • Immigration
  • Judicial Review
  • Native Title
  • Public International Law
  • Taxation



Bachelor of Arts (Hons)(ANU)

Bachelor of Laws (Hons)(ANU)

Master of Public Law (ANU)

Master of Laws (Sydney)


All Australian jurisdictions

Entitled to practise in

State and Territory Courts and Tribunals

Federal Court of Australia

High Court of Australia

Recent Cases

​Significant Cases - High Court

SZOQQ v Minister for Immigrations and Citizenship (2013) 251 CLR 577 [refugee law]

Minister for Home Affairs v Zentai (2012) 246 CLR 213 [extradition]

Public Service Association of South Australia v Industrial Relations Commission [2012] HCA 25

Williams v Commonwealth (2012) 86 ALJR 713 [constitutional law]

Phonographic Performance Co v Commonwealth (2012) 86 ALJR 335 [constitutional law/copyright]

Plaintiff M70/2011 v MIAC (2011) 244 CLR 144 [migration/statutory interpretation]

MIAC v SZGUR (2011) 241 CLR 594 [migration/administrative law]

Rowe v Electoral Commissioner (2010) 273 ALR 1 [constitutional law]

SZIAI v Minister for Immigration (2009) 259 ALR 429 [migration/administrative law]

DCT v Broadbeach Properties (2008) 237 CLR 473 [taxation]

Bennett v Commonwealth (2007) 231 CLR 91 [constitutional law (status of Norfolk Island)]

Bodruddaza v MIMA (2007) 228 CLR 651 [migration/constitutional law]

NSW v Commonwealth (Work Choices case) (2006) 229 CLR 1 [constitutional law]

Theophanous v Commonwealth (2006) 225 CLR 101 [constitutional law]

NAIS v MIMIA (2005) 228 CLR 470 [migration/administrative law]

Significant Cases - Federal Court

Macquarie Bank Limited v Federal Commissioner of Taxation (2013) 215 FCR 403 [taxation]

MIAC v Li [2012] FCAFC 74 [migration]

Buzzacott v Minister for Sustainability [2012] FCA 403  [environmental law] and [2012] FCA 744 [costs in public interest litigation]

Binetter v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation [2012] FCA 377 [taxation]

ACCC v MSY Technology [2012] FCAFC 56 [declaratory relief]

SZOQQ v MIAC (2011) 200 FCR 174 [migration/treaty interpretation]

Stewart v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation (2011) 194 FCR 194 [taxation]

Kimberly-Clark v Minister for Home Affairs (2011) 193 FCR 15 [Customs (anti-dumping)]

SZMWQ v Minister for Immigration (2010) 117 ALD 1 [migration]

Minister for Home Affairs v Siam Polyethylene [2010] FCAFC 86 [Customs (anti-dumping)]

Aye v Minister for Immigration [2010] FCAFC 69 [justiciability/administrative law]

Tran v Commonwealth [2010] FCAFC 80 [forfeiture/statutory construction]

Goodridge v Macquarie Bank (2010) 265 ALR 170 and on appeal (2011) 191 FCR 71 [contract]


Chair - Administrative Law Committee - Law Council of Australia

Member - Constitutional Law Committee - Law Council of Australia