Clifford Pannam Portrait

Dr Clifford Pannam QC

Bar roll 1967 Silk 1976
  • Commercial Law Public Law
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Dr Clifford Pannam QC has an extensive advisory, trial and appellate practice

Since taking silk in 1976, Dr Pannam's practice has spanned a wide range of areas of law, involving hundreds of contested cases in the Privy Council, High Court of Australia, State Supreme Court and Court of Appeal and the Federal Court. Dr Pannam specialises in all aspects of commercial and property law, including in the areas of corporations and securities and insurance law. 

During his time at the Victorian Bar, Dr Pannam has also developed a specialised practice in the area of horse ownership and horse related activities. He also frequently acts as a mediator and an arbitrator. 

Before coming to the Bar, Dr Pannam was engaged as a legal academic, holding teaching positions at the Universities of Melbourne, Illinois, Harvard and Hong Kong. He is also an accomplished writer. His recent publications include The Horse and the Law (4th ed 2004), as well as more than fifty papers and addresses on various subjects delivered to professional and special interest groups in both Australia and the United States.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under the Professional Standards Legislation.


Chambers & Clerk

Owen Dixon Chambers West

525 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

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Jane King

03 9225 8558


Commercial Law
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Corporations & Securities
  • Equity & Trusts
  • Insurance
  • Real Property
Public Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Judicial Review



Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
Master of Laws
Doctor of the Science of Law

Entitled to practise in

State and Territory Courts and Tribunals

Federal Court of Australia

High Court of Australia

Recent Cases

Privy Council

Schofield Goodman and Sons Ltd. v Zyngier (1986) AC 562

Chase Securities Ltd. v GSH Finance Pty Ltd (1989) 1 NZLR 481

High Court of Australia

Palling v Corfield (1970) 123 CLR 52

Shell Oil Company v The Ship 'Lastrigoni' (1974) 131 CLR 1

Onus v Alcoa of Australia Ltd (1981) 149 CLR 27

Legione v Hately (1983) 152 CLR 406

Commonwealth Bank of Australia v Amadio (1983) 151 CLR 447

Giannarelli v Wraith (1988) 165 CLR 54

Pyramid Building Society (In liq) v Terry (1997) 189 CLR 176

Queensland Premier Mines Pty Ltd v French (2007) 82 ALJR 115

Supreme Court of Victoria

Sharp v Ellis; Re Edmond Love & Co Pty Ltd (1972) VR 137

R v Brewer; Ex parte Renzella (1973) VR 1

Freedman v Petty and Greyhound Racing Control Board (1981) VR 1001

State of Victoria v Rossignoli (1983) VR 1

Futuretronics International Pty Ltd v Gadzhis (1992) 3 VR 783

Pyramid Building Society (In liq) v Scorpion Hotels Pty Ltd (1998) 1 VR 188

Pell v The Council of Trustees of the National Gallery of Victoria(1998) 2 VR 391

Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd v Koorootang Nominees Pty Ltd (1998) 3 VR 16

Boral Resources (Vic) Pty Ltd v Robak Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd (1999) 2 VR 507

Olympic Airways v Alysndratos (1999) VSC 152

Yunghanns v Elfic Pty Ltd (2000) 1 VR 92

Attorney General (Victoria); ex rel Archbishop Harkianakis v St John The Prodromos Greek Orthodox Community Inc (2000) VSC 389

Primelife (Glendale Hostel) Pty Ltd v Commissioner of State Revenue(2004) 9 VR 665

Financial Wisdom Ltd v Newman & Anors (2004) 183 FLR 164 (Mandie J); and (2005) 12 VR 79 (Court of Appeal)

Moorabool Shire Council v Taitapanui (2004) VSC 239 (Smith J); and (2006) 14 VR 55 (Court of Appeal)

Victoria Aircraft Leasing Ltd v United States & Anors (2004) VSC 341 (Dodds Streeton J); and (2005) 12 VR 340 (Court of Appeal)

Sunny Corporation Pty Ltd v Elkayess Nominees Pty Ltd (2006) VSC 314

Ovideo Carrideo Nominees Pty Ltd v The Dog Depot (2006) VSCA 6

Pilarinos v Australian Securities and Investment Commission (2006) VSC 301

Reading Entertainment v Whitehorse Property Group Ltd (2007) VSCA 309

Puttick v Fletcher Challenge Forests Pty Ltd (2007) VSCA 264

Bradto v State of Victoria (2007) VSC 106 (Harper J); and (2007) VSCA 100 (Court of Appeal)

​ Federal Court of Australia

Catalfamo v Hersfield Holdings Pty Ltd (1981) 52 FLR 343

Dr Martens Australia Pty Ltd v Rivers (Aust) Pty Ltd (1999) 95 FCR 136

Patrick v Capital Finance Pty Ltd (2003) FCA 436

Jefferson Ford Pty Ltd v Ford Motor Company Australia Ltd (2008) FCFC 60


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